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Delphine Kuiken
0409 998 561
Intuitive, energetic healing and clairvoyance.

Private Healing sessions Double Bay, Balmain
Remote Healing sessions
Channelled Writing
Small group facilitation - Workshops and meditation
Workplace Meditation

About the Healing Sessions

Delphine works intuitively with energetic healing and clairvoyance channelled to her to help you release from destructive thoughts, situations and patterns. She will guide you to an understanding about what is happening and why and provide you with information and healing that’s relevant at the time.

Delphine is keen to help clients connect to their own powerful intuitive abilities so she will encourage and guide you throughout your session.

A keen teacher for others who are interested in expanding their own intuitive clairvoyance and healing abilities Delphine offers regular and casual small group workshop and private or group meditation sessions. Please refer to more information and testimonials about her work and/or contact her to enquire further.

Your Healing Session/s

While clients feel considerable benefit with just one session, for ongoing and beneficial change, Delphine recommends 3-4 sessions for each new client for which she offers an special package price.

Healing is a process so if you really are committed to understanding, healing and letting go of destructive thoughts, patterns, behaviours, relationships and transforming your life in various or specific areas, you are encouraged to come regularly or monthly for deeper healings, ‘pick-me-ups’ or revitalisation sessions. You will notice the progressive and incredible changes that begin to occur in your life and in your relationship to others.

Appointments can be made for 60 or 90 minutes. Every session is different and whatever healing and information is given will be appropriate for you at that time. Throughout the session you will be given guidance as it is given to Delphine and you are free to ask questions. You may record your session if you chose to.

Appointments - Balmain and Double Bay

Email, text or call to make an appointment or complete the online enquiry request section on this site.

  • An initial package of 3 x 60 minute session (includes Channelled writing): $295.00
  • An initial package of 1 x 90 minute session plus 2 x 60 minute sessions (includes Channelled writing): $330.00
  • 60 min. healing session (includes Channelled writing): $110.00
  • 90 min. healing session (includes Channelled writing): $150.00
  • Skype appointments available for clients who have previously been for an appointment or for those living overseas: Price for 60 or 90 minutes as listed above
  • Written answers emailed one question $35.00; two questions $50.00
  • Channelled Written Guidance for new year $50.00
  • Workshops - please contact Delphine for details and schedule

  • Meditation sessions - private, small group or workplace
  • Workplace Meditation Sessions - Arrangements tailored to companies

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* All fields are mandatory EMAIL ENQUIRY