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Delphine Kuiken
0409 998 561

My role is to detach, connect, receive and pass on the higher information; guidance and healing you are to be given 

About Delphine

Delphine provides gentle but very powerful healing sessions with a calm authority. She delivers higher information and guidance to you with clarity. While guiding you through the healing she will relay words and answers to you just as she receives them. She doesn’t edit the words, answers or information that flows through the session but guides you to understanding and release from the struggles that have brought you to her. She has found that her work is particularly important for those of you who have already been exploring, seeking and healing and are yearning for further higher understanding, clarity, healing and change.

Your sessions will help you understand; why you are choosing stress; why you are in particular relationships or blocked on a chosen path; why you are in physical discomfort or why you are simply stuck or frightened about change. Understanding the reasons for what is happening or what you are feeling and why, immediately begins to open you to possibilities and a release from what is limiting you.

Prior to each session, Delphine will tune in for channelled written higher guidance which she will give to you.

Delphine was always interested in alternative healing modalities; the power of meditation and intuitive guidance but she was very busy with family and a corporate career in Executive Management. She became a Reiki practitioner during this time but always stopped short of working in the field because she battled with her fear of letting go her professional ‘identity’. With the amazing support of an excellent healer and teacher and friends doing similar exploration she finally let go, and when she did, her powerful natural ability to connect and receive channelled information/writing/healing and clairvoyance came to her very quickly and consistently.

Because of her background and her high pressured busy corporate and family life she understands the stress and worries many of us are living with so she is well equipped to provide a healing environment and support that feels safe and comfortable and right.


Delphine is a keen teacher for others who are interested in expanding their own intuitive clairvoyance and healing abilities and meditation.

"I feel fortunate to be a client of Delphine. I had thoughts of doubt and concerns about my future and found great calm and direction from Delphine's healing and clairvoyance. Delphine's clarity and soul connection is a wonderful gift and I recommend Delphine to anyone who needs direction in their life."

MM Henley

“Delphine is a beautiful, warm and really powerful healer. Her channelled writing has brought great clarity and peace to me at times when I was feeling troubled leaving me thinking that I was ok and able to get through it. I have also experienced some really profound energy shifts during an intuitive healing which made me feel like I really can follow my dream:) Thanks Delphine! Highly recommended!”

VA Canterbury

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